Excel Shortcut – the Power of F4

Here’s a short and sweet tip if you’re working in Microsoft Excel: pressing the F4 key will repeat the last thing you did, in the cell you’re currently in.

I used this today to add extra rows in my data.  I created a list of state abbreviations and wanted a row between each. Here’s how:

  • Right click on the first cell (A1 for me), and select “Insert…”
  • Select “Shift cells down”
  • What was in cell A2 is now in A3
  • Click on cell A3 and press the F4 key
  • What was in A4 will now be in A5!
  • Rinse, lather, repeat!

I got in a rhythm of F4, down arrow, down arrow, F4, down arrow, down arrow, F4… and was able to quickly space out my data.  This can also be used to apply background color to cells, text formatting, and many other things!

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